Knowledge Base Products

Saffron crystal and Total saffron extract

Saffron crystal and total saffron extract are two of the knowledge-based products produced in Tabatabaei Saffron Research and Development Unit. The process of crystallization and extraction in other food products, such as candied crystallized sugar, is familiar to the general public. But this process is complicated, time consuming and difficult for saffron. It requires high technical knowledge and special machines. In this process, due to the removal of saffron cellulose, the percentage of color, aroma and taste of saffron increases more than 2 times. Also, the final product is free of any microorganisms and contamination and is completely sterile. Most importantly, this product is 100% soluble in cold water and has no precipitating impurities. Therefore, food industries that produce saffron products such as ice cream, saffron desserts, dairy products and saffron-based additives, etc. are very interested in using this product. Also, these products are different from liquid saffron extract, and unlike liquid extract, which is an unstable product, it increases the shelf life of saffron by up to 30%.

Saffron Syrup

Another product produced in the Tabatabaei Saffron Research and Development Unit is the saffron syrup, which is produced without sugar and without the use of any chemical substances, and also completely free of laboratory synthesis. The brix of this product is between 65 and 70, which shows a honey-like appearance. On the other hand, due to the lack of sugar and sucrose and also due to the lack of laboratory synthesis, it has brought healthy and useful products. This product is designed in such a way that after mixing with alcohol drinks, can reduces the taste of ethanol by 60% and the aroma of ethanol by 70%. Free of synthetic compounds, free of artificial sugars, according to the international standard, it is completely sugar free. It is free of any microorganisms and completely soluble in cold water. It is free of sucrose and saccharin , only glucose and fructose made from fruits are used in its preparation.