About us

BTT Holding & Tabatabaei Saffron are two Knowledge base company, enterprise in the food industry; founded in 2006 and noted for our high-quality products and innovation. The first company as Inventor and executor of extracting saffron active ingredients as powder in 2019, Investor and executor of the first saffron (hydroponic) soilless cultivation project in Iran, also Designer and implementer of the first fully automatic intelligent greenhouse without saffron cultivation and the other researches on saffron.

Since the very beginning, the Company has been keeping a high profile as a specialized, innovative, honest, serious and prominent producer and exporter for high-quality and differently-packaged saffron and for services based on customer satisfaction.

Also, BTT Holding and Tabatabaei Saffron succeeded in producing the best saffron product and provided the ground for the presence of its products in domestic and global markets, also export to more than 18 countries including: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Slovakia, Mauritius Island, Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia ,United Arab Emirates ,Turkey, Canada, India.

Our Vision

To be the world’s No 1 and premier producer and exporter of pure Iranian saffron.

Our Mission

Offering especial quality and packaging, Increasing & Improving customer’s satisfaction & Innovation and Producing new product.

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