Simple tips to: Verified Dating Profiles making use of Bloom

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November 19, 2020
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Simple tips to: Verified Dating Profiles making use of Bloom

Android Installation

Make fully sure your Android os task possesses minSdkVersion of 16 or greater, otherwise including the collection shall cause any project to don’t build.

Include the sharekit.aar library generate above by doing the next in your Android os Studio task:

  1. Click File -> Brand New -> Brand Brand New Module.
  2. Click Import .JAR/.AAR bundle then click Then.
  3. Enter the location associated with put together sharekit.aar file then click Finish.
  4. Then ensure that the sharekit collection is added in your settings.gradle file in other words. include ‘:app’, ‘:sharekit’
  5. In work build.gradle file add a line that is new the sharekit lib into the dependencies block in other words. dependencies
  6. Finally click Sync venture with Gradle data for the task to sync because of the sharekit collection.

If the above mentioned actions are done effectively then you definitely must be able to neat and reconstruct any project effectively as specified above in other terms. Develop -> Clean Venture & Develop -> Rebuild Venture


To make use of RequestButton in any project, do the immediate following:

  1. Import the ShareKit course into the Activity/Fragment;
  2. Then initialize the RequestButton, set the share-kit request information & callback-url and include it to your design view programmatically such as this:

That token above is unique to your software. It’s not a token supplied by Bloom. You choose your own personal you to distinguish data sharing requests from multiple sources, or to ensure the data is being shared from your app, and not someone else’s as it’s a unique identifier for your app, allowing.

Observe that for a brand new Android os Studio task, the design developed are going to be a layout that is constraint of a Linear design as shown above. Additionally please add an id to your design xml file before initializing it so that it looks the following:

  • Then initialize the design as a Constraint Layout alternatively of a Linear Layouti;
  • Following this, anything else into the above instance will stay the exact same.

4. Finally build and install the APK into an emulator or device and when your software arises, you need to begin to see the RequestButton displayed!

Additionally, the very first time you touch the button, you will end up served with many different choices for which application to utilize to open up the web link. Just pick Open With -> Bloom -> ALWAYS such that it defaults to starting the Bloom App if it is set up in the place of an internet web web browser.

So just how can this overall look and feeling in a dating application? Let’s see a few examples.

Here’s just what the scene for modifying your very own profile could look like:

A screenshot of our demonstration app that is dating the “Verify with Bloom” switch

And when “Felix” undergoes the process of confirming their ID, that procedure seems like this.

  1. Touch “Verify with Bloom”
  2. View and verify the information request that is sharing

The Bloom data request that is sharing DatingApp, our demo application

The success screen. We finished the information sharing request!

Felix’s view of their settings and profile could look like this now, with all the Bloom symbol (or any other indicator of some type) showing that he has got verified their title is in fact Felix.

An individual’s view of these profile that is own after their title

Ta-da! He’s verified their title is Felix, we confirmed this server-side with the two Verifiable Credentials supplied (the subtype that is‘full-name the ‘id-document’ and ‘facebook’), and thus now can use some type of indicator to their profile to exhibit that.

Now, exactly exactly just how would this turn to other users whenever viewing profiles of possible matches? We now have a few examples of this too.

A view of Felix’s profile whenever regarded as other people And a view of Mia’s profile as seen by other people

You might like to offer the cap ability for users to confirm how old they are, their contact number, email, or implement some computer eyesight to compare the picture to their ID document with their dating profile photo!

This is certainly one among the many usage situations where you are able to utilize Bloom’s available supply technology to boost trust and protection inside your platform for a user-permissioned foundation, while keeping information protection and privacy. Verify the data supplied, delete it from your own Verify Kit solution, and permit your users to get in touch knowing you have got taken one or more step that is concrete making your relationship platform safer for many parties.

More Resources:

Bloom: Your Information, Your Credit, Your Privacy

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It’s time and energy to get back control of one’s information and unlock the effectiveness of an identity today that is secure. Down load the Bloom mobile application to build an electronic identity, monitor your credit, to get free data breach alerts with Radar!

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